Fast food restaurants
Based on accurate maps of cities in 2GIS, we show the places where users often look for fast food points. In these places it is advisable to place outdoor advertising with information about the possibility of ordering and delivering meals of prepared food, and also reasonably considering the possibilities of opening new outlets.

In addition, to make informed decisions, you can find out the number of houses, entrances and apartments in selected areas of the city, assess the availability of public transport stops and key shopping centers, and see the location of competing or related products and services in the areas of maximum demand. You get a complete heat map of the city and a set of data used to build it for further analysis

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Retail chains
Geoanalysis of the frequency of search preferences of users can point to local peaks of demand for retail goods and services, with a reliable indication of the geo-location of the zones of maximums of similar interests.

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Mobile operators, operators internet and TV
В каждом городе всегда есть зоны, которые ещё не покрыты сервисом интернет, мобильной связи и ТВ, а также зоны, где интерес к услугам начинает расти в определённые сезоны и не покрыт ещё конкурирующими организациями.

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Analysis of local places in the city, where users are interested in for example consumer loans, allows you to find the points with the maximum and regular demand for the accommodation of representatives of banks or mobile offices.

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Medical, sports organizations and other
Call us your field of activity and we will prepare an advanced and detailed geo-analysis of zones of activities of users related to your business.

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